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It simply makes sense to partner with H&M.

We make it easy to engage in — and profit from — SBA lending.

With Holtmeyer & Monson as your outsourcing partner, you can extend capital to under-served borrowers in your market. At the same time, your bank can garner new sources of non-fee income.

Our unique business model mitigates your risk while removing virtually all of the expense associated with establishing and operating an SBA loan department. You’ll benefit from three qualities that set us apart:

Highly qualified.
Clients rely on our extensive SBA Lending experience to handle all the complexities related to every aspect of an SBA loan, from consulting and packaging to securitization and sale in the secondary market. We have an intricate knowledge of the SBA and their expectations, policies and procedures. Our software is compatible with the SBA’s system, and our documents are well received by the SBA’s staff.

Highly lucrative.
We help banks easily profit from one of the most lucrative services a community bank can offer — without adding staffing resources or overhead costs. And, Holtmeyer & Monson’s unique fee structure makes it even more profitable. Our very reasonable fees are capitalized into the borrower’s loan, leaving no net costs for the bank to cover. And even though we operate as a self-sufficient, out-of-house lending arm, we offer training that can help your credit officers and others become more valuable to your bank.

Highly recommended.
Based on its extensive due diligence, the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) has endorsed Holtmeyer & Monson as its only recommended provider in this category. We also receive high marks from SBA personnel, clients and borrowers. Even banking examiners and regulators will confirm that banks partnering with Holtmeyer & Monson for SBA lending are underwriting credits with high levels of safety and soundness.

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What clients think:

“You can hire as much staff as you want, but they will not have the level of expertise that Holtmeyer & Monson brings to the table.”

Jenny McCollum, Vice President
NBRS Financial Bank

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