SBA and USDA Loan Servicing & Portfolio Management

For the loans it guarantees, the government requires lenders to comply with certain reporting, disclosure and disbursement procedures. Holtmeyer & Monson handles all of these servicing tasks, taking the burden of portfolio management off your shoulders while ensuring accuracy for your borrowers.

We’re keenly aware that your profits are riding on our capabilities.

The government expects you to service and manage your SBA and USDA portfolio holdings with the same care you use for non-SBA and USDA loans. Throughout the entire term of the loan, lenders must follow policies and practices consistent with industry standards. We understand, and apply these measures to everything from collecting payments and monitoring borrowers’ creditworthiness to submitting monthly 1502 reports, documenting all transactions and more.

Expect efficiency and accuracy, on time every time.

To process loan payments, we actually run an accounting system that parallels both the bank’s system and the SBA’s server. This ensures that everyone is in balance, and that payments are processed correctly. The same goes for all reporting, which is always completed according to government guidelines.

Reliability is a certainty when you partner with H&M.

You can count on us to reliably manage all the items related to your portfolio — including servicing requests, deferments, adjustments and any miscellaneous issues.

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Starting or enhancing your SBA and USDA lending department?

Why Our Clients Recommend H&M

"We selected Holtmeyer & Monson in 2007 because of the complications and complexity of originating and servicing SBA loans. At the time, we didn't think about the growth potential; however, now we are one of the premier SBA lenders in Montana."

A.J. King, CEO & Chairman
Three Rivers Bank of Montana

"We have a great working relationship Holtmeyer & Monson. They have a wealth of knowledge and are very familiar with the SOP of the SBA. They are always pleasant, easily accessible and very responsive. I can’t say enough about them."

Harry L. Weetenkamp, Jr., Senior Vice President/Chief Lending Officer
FCB Bank, a division of ACNB