SBA and USDA Loan Securitization and Sale

Selling SBA loan guarantees in the secondary market is one of the most lucrative profit strategies a lender can undertake. Holtmeyer & Monson makes the entire process extremely easy, at no net cost to you.

Participate in a secondary market that’s active, liquid and very profitable.

Once most SBA 7(a) loans are closed, the government-guaranteed portion — 50% to 90% of the loan amount — can be quickly sold to the secondary market. It’s common for a lender to earn a premium of 8% to 10% of the purchased guarantee, at no net cost to the bank. Loan originators retain servicing, so the lender also receives 1% annual service fees from the investor.

Holtmeyer & Monson will guide the process for you.

Investors who purchase SBA loan guarantees often “pool” their investments into funds. H&M will locate these and other purchasers, arrange the sale and complete the transactions for you, all as part of our reasonable lender fee. And, we can handle all of the servicing work on your behalf.

Benefit from multiple ways to add non-interest fee income.

SBA lending offers an abundance of options for adding profits after you make the loan – premium income on guarantee sales, interest and fees from retained loan portions, and trailing servicing fee income from the investor. H&M turns all of these opportunities into reality, with minimal expense and effort on your part.

Looking for new ways to earn non-interest fee income?

Why Our Clients Recommend H&M

"H&M’s SBA underwriting is accurate and gives us solid confidence that the SBA guarantee is secure."

A.J. King, CEO & Chairman
Three Rivers Bank of Montana

"Holtmeyer & Monson brings expertise, credibility and professionalism to the entirety of the SBA process."

Kim Light, CEO & President
Heritage Bank of the Ozarks