SBA and USDA Loan Consulting & Packaging

Small business loan applications are all important. That’s why we start each one with a complimentary consultation with your borrower. Your lenders may take part as well, or you can simply rely on us. Either way, your customers (and all their information) will be in excellent hands.

We fully comply with SBA and USDA requirements.

We understand small business owners and how they approach accounting. We also know how their financial data has to be formatted when government guarantees are involved. The requirements are very precise, the reviewers’ eyes very sharp. So we make doubly sure that the loan structure is correct, and that the application strictly adheres to the SOP of the SBA.

Be confident it’s right.

We have invested in the leading software platform for SBA loan origination, with built in control mechanisms that ensure accuracy and eliminate errors and oversights. All transactions and supporting information is sent directly to the SBA E-Tran system streamlining the process. Even so, we carefully check all information before calling the application done.

Get priority attention (and faster replies) from SBA processors.

When it arrives at the SBA, a loan package from Holtmeyer & Monson requires little or no additional work. It’s quickly entered into the SBA or USDA workflow queue, ahead of packages that need in-depth attention from the agency. The result? Faster approvals for H&M client banks — and the small business borrowers they serve.

It's easy to get started.

Why Our Clients Recommend H&M

"H&M’s SBA underwriting is accurate and gives us solid confidence that the SBA guarantee is secure."

A.J. King, CEO & Chairman
Three Rivers Bank of Montana

"Our partnership with Holtmeyer & Monson has enabled us to grow our SBA Lending Program into a very profitable division of our Commercial Lending Department. Their knowledge of the many SBA programs and their ability to communicate with both our staff and customers enables the process to move efficiently."

Donald Queenin, Executive Vice President
Northern Bank & Trust Company