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Servicing and Portfolio Management.

Trust H&M to eliminate your work after the closing.

For the loans it guarantees, the government requires lenders to comply with certain reporting, disclosure and disbursement requirements. Holtmeyer & Monson handles all of these servicing tasks, taking the burden of portfolio management off your shoulders, while ensuring accuracy for your customers.

To process the payments, we actually run an accounting system that parallels both the bank’s system and the SBA’s server. This ensures that everyone is in balance, and that payments are processed correctly and on time.

We also see that all reporting is done correctly, according to government guidelines. You can count on H&M to reliably manage all the items related to your portfolio — including servicing requests, deferments, adjustments and any miscellaneous issues.

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What clients think:

“We’re attracting new companies because there are banks in our local area that do not want to do SBA credits.”

John King, CEO
Three Rivers Bank

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