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Loan Consulting & Packaging.

Ensure your applications fully comply with SBA guidelines.

The application process for an SBA loan is critical to its approval. We start by conducting a complimentary consultation with the prospective borrower. Your bank can be involved, or you can simply rely on Holtmeyer & Monson. Either way, your customers will be in excellent hands.

We understand small business owners and the struggles they face. Most important, we have a solid grasp of their accounting practices, and how their financial information must be conveyed to qualify for a government-backed loan. Based on our experienced analyses, we determine an appropriate loan structure, and prepare an application that exactly matches SBA requirements.

Packaging that connects the customer, bank and the SBA

To organize numbers for the SBA, we rely on our own expertise, plus software systems that conform to the Agency’s. We carefully review all information to ensure completeness and accuracy.

We then prepare triplicate copies of the loan package presented to the SBA: one for the borrower, one for the bank, and one for H&M. Thus all three parties reference the same document, in the same format.

A priority attention from SBA processors

When it arrives at the SBA, a loan package from Holtmeyer & Monson requires little or no additional work. It’s quickly entered into the workflow, ahead of packages that need in-depth attention from SBA processors. This condenses the approval timeline for H&M client banks — and their small business borrowers.

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What clients think:

“Our documentation is in very good order prior to the loan being presented to the SBA.”

John King, CEO
Three Rivers Bank

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