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Loan Closing Services.

Rely on us for detailed documentation instructions.

According to the SBA, three of the most common deficiencies leading the Agency to recommend cancel, deny or repair its guaranty for 7(a) loans happen at loan closing:

  • Undocumented, improper, unauthorized or uncontrolled disbursement of loan proceeds
  • Failure to obtain or adequately document a required equity injection
  • Failure to obtain required collateral or properly perfect lien position

Holtmeyer & Monson helps lenders avoid closing missteps by knowing exactly what the SBA will be looking for. We’ll instruct you on everything required for closing and disbursing loans in compliance with SBA requirements, making sure that the right documents are on the right forms.

Closing is also the last time you have an opportunity to discover eligibility and credit problems before you disburse the loan. We’ll help ensure that any discrepancies are resolved prior to closing — and that any environmental, franchise or trust issues are dealt with early.

You never want ‘back end’ problems with your loan guarantee. That’s another big reason to have Holtmeyer & Monson helping from the start.

Profit from loan Securitization and Sale. Read how we can help.

What clients think:

“Recently we were recognized by the SBA as Lender of the Year for Tennessee. We couldn’t have done it without Holtmeyer & Monson.”

Jeff Yearwood, SVP – Commercial Lending
Triumph Bank

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