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Now is the ideal time for SBA Lending.

Our services supply an instant profit center.

If you haven’t been active in the SBA market, you stand to gain substantial benefits from being there now. As the economy recovers, access to capital will be key for the small business borrowers in your community. By serving their needs, you can significantly enhance your own profitability and gain a competitive advantage.

Government-guaranteed loans can be highly lucrative — and this is just one of the compelling reasons why SBA lending makes sound business sense. Holtmeyer & Monson can help you capitalize on all the opportunities.

We have the deep expertise required to serve as your out-of-house SBA loan department. In fact, we can help you create an instant profit center by supplying these end-to-end service offerings:

  • Loan Consulting & Packaging, including initial discussions with borrowers to determine eligibility and program structure, as well as submission of the completed loan application to the SBA. Learn more.
  • Loan Closing Services with detailed documentation instructions. Learn more.
  • Securitization & Sale of the government guarantee attached to the loan instrument. Learn more.
  • Servicing & Portfolio Management, including payment processing and remittance, required reporting, and detailed monthly activity reconciliation and reporting. Learn more.

See how these services help our clients grow earnings and customer loyalty. Read their testimonials.

Read why SBA Lending is so profitable for banks.

Learn why Holtmeyer & Monson is uniquely qualified to be your SBA lending services provider.

What clients think:

“It’s a very profitable venture for us — without having to add staff.”

Jenny McCollum, Vice President
NBRS Financial Bank

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