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News Coverage

Date/Pub Description
May 2022
Georgia Communities First
SBA Lending – Service customers and increase earnings
March 2021
American Banker
Why this banker no longer sees SBA as 'lender of American Banker last resort'
August 2020
American Banker
Why banks are putting PPP forgiveness on the back burner
February 2019
American Banker
SBA plays catch-up as threat of another shutdown looms
January 2019
American Banker
Government shutdown grinds SBA lending to a halt
May 2018
Independent Banker
The keys to success in SBA lending
February 2018
Independent Banker
Small-business smarts: The SBA’s other loan program
January 2018
American Banker
Bill to boost SBA lending comes with strings attached


Press Releases

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December 2018 Community Bankers Association of Georgia Endorses Holtmeyer & Monson for SBA Lending
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Why Our Clients Recommend H&M

"Holtmeyer & Monson's knowledge of the many SBA programs and their ability to communicate with both our staff and customers enables the process to move efficiently."

Donald Queenin, Executive Vice President
Northern Bank & Trust Company

"Holtmeyer & Monson is the best partner our community bank could ask for."

A.J. King, President
Three Rivers Bank of Montana

"Holtmeyer & Monson brings expertise, credibility and professionalism to the entirety of the SBA process. They actually act as an SBA department for our bank."

Kim Light, President/Senior Credit Officer
Heritage Bank of the Ozarks